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The ninjas 

As a team, we have a combined 30 years of graphic design experience with a graphic designer for every taste. Whether you are direct and profane like Tina or classy and traditional like Aiana all the way to youthful and trendy like Taylor, we can design for you.

Our writers, web designers, content creators and trainers come from a variety of different backgrounds, educational institutes and offer bad ass skill sets. We are sure we have someone for you.  Do not worry, if you do not curse like a sailor as our fearless leader does, we still have someone for you.  Promise.  Nice and proper, rough and edgy or super techy, it is all here.

We bring a whole lot of industry expertise to the table and we are not shy about throwing it around.  




It all started when...

Tina was in the middle of pursuing her goals in becoming in-house counsel for a local real estate investment group and began freelance legal minion work in order to pay student loans.  As time went on, she did fairly well in this regard but there was still something missing to this life journey.  In order to gain new clients, she had to extend herself beyond her normal reach and network and ended up with a heavy concentration in marketing.  Interestingly enough, the original Tina & Company client based had a need for some social media marketing and creative content, due to her established relationships, she was lucky enough to be entrusted with these tasks. Well what the hell do you know?  She enjoyed marketing far more then corporate law, contracts and small claims. One project lead to another, one referral passed on the favor and three years into its life, Tina & Company became a full grown big baby creative agency. Six years into this, all we do is marketing and magical stuff. We do not advertise or solicit legal work but occasionally throw that Poli-Sci degree around when we need to.  We do not like to do that, bleh.


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