{I am not a blogger, I am a blurber.  This excerpt contains potential (almost guaranteed) typos, poor grammar and swear words}

 I was so pumped about the rally, I went on to tell everyone I was attending. I had to mention that I was attending VIP and that I just might, might, meat Sophia.  I was going to get her to sign my book, well, my borrowed "#Girlboss" book, thanks Sehar, love you. P.S. Owe you a book.  

When I told a male friend I was going to the rally, this was his exact response to me; "#Girlboss? you're familiar with tacky but are you familiar with shame?" {Insert my sarcastic expletives here} He continues.  "And why isn't it #womensleadership or #womensingenuity ? Why is it "girl"? That makes it diminutive.  You're not a girl.  It's hard to overcome mysogony  when it's self inflicted."   Wait, what? I am a girl. I am a woman. I am a boss.  I am a girl boss.  And he, is a douche.  Last time I checked anyway.  I'm also what I like to call a vintage millennial, an old g, original gangster millennial.  I was born in 1981, so I am on the cusp of barely making it.  I am glad I did.  It is an absolute fucking honor to be a millennial, a girl millennial, a female millennial, a Mexican millennial  and be placed into this generalized group of what society has labeled as a "lazy" generation, a "broke" "non-driven" generation.  Poor society, bless your heart.

Allow me dear society to break your heart.  Allow me to break every fucking stereotype you have placed on my shoulder and flip my hair in your face.

As a female, Mexican, girl boss, I will do this not because I have an axe to grind, not to prove you wrong, but because it is who I am. Despite the labels that have been placed on my back, forehead, vagina, and shoulders, I am a hard fucking worker. I am driven. I have these dreams to break generational curses that have preceded me. These repeat offenses of drug attics, criminal backgrounds, bad credit and broken homes. I actually took this shit that I was raised in and made lemonade. I am not done! I am just getting started. 

I will spend my money with others like me and support their causes. I am involved in charity and giving.  I support small businesses.  I wanted Bernie to win, but I did not waste my vote. It is not my fault Donald Trump is President. Would you please stop saying that? We all know who deserves credit for that.  It is NOT the millennials fault. 

I am fully transparent about my life and background, I will offer more in another blog, blurb.  In a nutshell, I was not supposed to be this bad ass that I am. (According to Ms. Bisby, Hogg Middle School, 5th grade, I was going to be a 15 year old pregnant, statistic.) Or was I? My mother was a heroin addict who was in an out of prison her entire life, to be fair, she came home when I was 16 and has not went back.  Good job mom. My dad was an alcoholic and that is another story, sweetest man I ever knew. Rest his soul. My grandma, our leader, our mom, she dropped out of school in second grade. Second fucking grade.  She could not read, she could not write. She only knew how to sign her name and count money. She used the skill set to sell drugs, marijuana in particular. (lol) She was a bad ass too.  My grandma raised all her grandchildren.  She sold foodstamps for cash.  She endured countless police raids. Yes, like, real raids.  She even went to prison one summer. Local prison, not the penitentiary.  You would think all this shit would cause some disruption in our lives but it didn't.  Instead it taught us the basic skills of survival, determination and the value of hope.  I mean let's face it, when you are dirt poor, no one in your family works or has a car, what else do you have other than pure, raw, hope? My grandma spoke hope in to me. She told me I was beautiful, smart, loved.  She called me out on my shit when I was a spoiled brat but she loved me deeply.  She was not rich by society's standards but she was the richest girl boss on Fulton Street in Houston, Texas.  She was respected because she demanded it.  She was bold. She was strong. She is bold. She is strong. She is profane. She is a #GirlBoss.

I can go on and on to tell you about the many mistakes I made in life by being a product of my environment, but I will save that for another rant. I do not need kudos, applause or even recognition for anything I have done in my life because it is all shit I was supposed to do. I was supposed to finish high school. I was supposed to get a college degree. I was supposed to be the best mom I could be. I was supposed to do all this shit. I was supposed to start my own business.  I was not EXPECTED to because I come from a family and many generations that did not do these things, because I am a hispanic girl from the hoodest of hoods and because am I a millennial. I did these things because I am a #GirlBoss, like the many broken women before me. The one thing that sets me apart from them is that I am a millennial #GirlBoss.  Take that and suck it society.

No one talked about jobs when I was growing up. No one talked about college.  Shit, no one talked about running a business.  {My sister HOPE introduced me into the corporate world out of pity, a blurb on her later} 

I offer this to tell you, my fellow #Girlboss, there is hope for you too.  It does not matter where or what we come from, we CAN do what the hell we dream of. We set our own paths, we make mistakes and get up, try again.  It is THAT simple. Go kick some ass, not to prove anyone wrong but because it is who YOU ARE.