Reviews, the good, the bad, the oogly.

When I say, “The Kardashians”; what do you think? Ugh! I hate them or OMG, I love them! Some would even go as far as to say, I could go the rest of my life never hearing that name again! Understandably so.  It does not matter if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or completely disconnected in the world with none of the aforementioned.  You know who they are. Hell, my 88 year old Grandma, knows who they are.  She recognizes their faces from the tabloids in EVERY SINGLE GROCERY STORE.  Here is the thing, there is an equal amount of good and bad press for them and a large captive audience defending their side of the fence.  Am I right?  Uhhh, yes.

Here is the thing.  Regardless of what is being said, or who is saying it, things are being said.  Everywhere you turn, you are being force fed the Kardashian Brand. Even right this moment.  Your recognition is inevitable.  As a result of this, people are being captured by the Kardashians as clients, turning into big fat dollars in their bank account.

We are not as large as the Kardashians, but don’t we aspire to be? (Put your ego to the side for a moment) Okay, fine.  Don’t we aspire to be successful and increase our ROI on marketing? Yes, yes we do.  Exactly.  Now, you are with me. How do you do this?  You politely request, barter and require client reviews.   You encourage your clients to review you whether they love *you or hate you.  You take the good ones with gratitude and you use the bad ones to be a better person or company.

Good Reviews.  Take them and personally thank each and every single one. By name. Offer a hug and a kiss, be bffs forever.

Bad Reviews.  Apologize for sucking, do this publicly. Make it right.  Then,  take them and personally thank each and every single one. By name. Offer a hug and a kiss, be bffs forever.  Forevvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvver.

The larger *you grow, the more reviews you will acquire and you will eventually run into someone that uses their review as a bartering system to ruin your spotless reputation.  To hell with them! Stand your ground and call them out on their shit, publicly. Be honest.  Address the issue head on and be direct.  (Do not use profanity like me)  You have to address these scarce yet prevalent reviews as you would a whiny, sleepy and hungry toddler.  “Now, now, Timmy, that is not nice, would you like a hug??  That’s it, now, tell Mommy how she can make it better.”  

Ugly Timmy needs love too.

Here is the thing. Whether Timmy is making you cute little “I love Mommy” cards or throwing himself on the floor in the grocery store, people are listening to Timmy and they are watching YOU. They are then going to tell all their friends  whether you are mother of the year or Mommy Dearest. You are being talked about and eventually, some random kids are going to walk up to you and ask you to adopt them or the infamous  “Are you my mommy?”.  Timmy is your current and past client, the “random” kids, are your prospective clients, are you responding? Are you encouraging communication? Are you managing your reputation?  Let them talk, you be sure to respond. All press is good press.  All reviews are good.